The Triathlon Show – A rundown of what’s to come.

So I have been busy busy sorting out this show. I have had to learn a lot!! I didn’t realise just how bad I was in front of a camera, I didn’t realise the full complexity of interviewing someone and the skills you need for it, I didn’t know how to edit videos, I’ve had to create logos, trailers, intros. I’ve bought lighting, tripods, all sorts. It’s all really exciting, everyday is like a school day at the moment. In the last few weeks I have had to learn a lot to say the least!! But it’s getting there, I have lots booked in, the most exciting news is the special guests I have lined up!! I will save the surprise!! But I promise you will love it!! So I have uploaded a new video to the YouTube channel. It much better if you subscribe, click the red subscribe button next to my video. Pop along and have a watch, see what I have in store for you all!! I hope you enjoy. 

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